Tag: Multiple Intelligences

Everyone has strengths in one area of intelligence over others. Some of us have natural gifts in communication and expression; others excel at establishing and maintaining positive relationships with a wide range of individuals, yet others are very adept with numbers and finding creative solutions to issues.
This multiple intelligence test will let you determine a person's key intelligence, whether you're a teacher or an inquisitive student. For children to grow and study to the best of their potential, a multiple intelligence test for students can be a helpful tool.
People usually use the word "intelligence" to describe a person's natural intellectual ability, which is thought to be set at birth, measurable, and hard to improve. Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner proposed the concept of multiple intelligences in 1983 to help teachers, psychologists, and parents in their understanding of children's cognitive processes and their unique approaches to learning. 
Howard Gardner proposed the theory of multiple intelligences in 1983. The term "multiple intelligences" is used to talk about a theory that tries to classify the different ways that students can learn and understand things.