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In just 2 days, explore the 5 key pillars of effective learning on day one, and master exam strategies and techniques on day two. Limited spots available, so seize the opportunity to optimize your learning journey and achieve academic excellence with GRIP Learning.

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We are currently prioritizing the S.E.A region by collaborating with local partners and distributors.

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What You'll Gain:

Our Founding

At our inception, we found ourselves in a landscape where educational companies scarcely delved into student profiling or embraced transformative concepts like Growth Mindset, Grit, and Metacognition. Learning, by and large, was left to individual students to decipher.

Traditionally, the focus in education has predominantly been on WHAT we learn, with scant attention to HOW we learn. Learners often cling to the same learning methods for years, never pausing to consider their effectiveness. Consequently, many trod through years of academic life without tasting the sweet fruit of success.

Along the way, our journey has been intertwined with the transformation of thousands of students across Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. We’ve witnessed firsthand the evolution of learning, catalyzed by our student profiling report and platform, within schools.

Our vision sprouted from this fertile ground—a vision that bore the fruit of the GRIP Adaptive Learner™ Program, a cornerstone of true Learning Mastery.

Join Us On The Journey

We extend a heartfelt invitation to you to explore our website, to unearth the treasures of our educational offerings, and to join us on this incredible odyssey of growth and success. Whether you’re a dedicated student striving for academic excellence, a caring parent nurturing your child’s development, or an institution eager to invest in cutting-edge educational tools, we stand ready to empower you in reaching your highest goals.

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